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Location Based Search

Welcome to our location search feature! With this tool, you can easily find assets close to a specific location within the United States and Canada.

We know that many of you are looking for auctions that are close to where you live or work and we are here to help you find them quickly. With our location-based search functionality, you can find auctions within a certain mile radius of any zip or postal code. You can even view a map showing exactly how many miles away from you an item is (in a straight line).

The location search feature is part of our Advanced Search tool. To access the search, click on Advanced Search under the Search Assets box on any screen.

Location Based Search 1


Once on the Advanced Search screen, scroll down to Location. The first option allows you to see all auctions in the US or Canada or narrow it down to a particular state or province. 

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The second option allows you to search within a certain distance around a zip code. For example, choosing 250 miles of 48180 will show you all assets for sale within a 250-mile radius of that zip code.

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You can also select the check box next to “Display Map” and your results will appear on a map with markers noting where the items for sale are located. By clicking on the location marker, you can see more details for the asset including the seller, the distance from you and the full address. 

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You can sort your search results by current bid, closing soon, or latest online by clicking the option you want within the top row header.


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Also, if you are logged in, you can save this search and come back to it quickly on your next visit, which we hope will be soon!

Location Based Search 6.2

Thank you for visiting and happy bidding!