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My Favorite Auction: Art Sculptures from the University of Florida

The GovDeals team frequently encounters a remarkable array of unique auctions, each leaving a lasting impression. Our series, My Favorite Auction, was created from this extensive collection to showcase some of our most remarkable discoveries. Read on to uncover more about these extraordinary finds.

When I think of all the fun and interesting things we sell on our website, there are so many that capture our attention for one reason or another. In this series, we want to highlight the more remarkable auctions – like the handmade sculptures crafted by the students at the University of North Florida. 

In August 2019, the University began listing its sculptures for sale on GovDeals. Most of the sculptures are made of steel, fiberglass, or a combination of these and other metals. The first auctions consisted of a Pop Jellies sculpture, an Infinity Moth sculpture, and even a Bubba Jumbo Shrimp! In total, seven unique sculptures were sold.

In June 2021, school officials provided another opportunity for the public to own a piece of the student's artwork. This sale included Sunrise Portal, Hide N Seek, and Ripple Effect sculptures, as well as my personal favorite: the Crouching Skeletal Figure. The university sold six sculptures during this time and another three in February 2023. 

Over the course of these auctions, they received a total of 33,159 visitors, 106 bids, and an average final sale price of $1,500 per sculpture.

What makes these so fun is the whimsical feeling the sculptures invoke. You can immediately see how much time and attentive effort went into these projects; they feel like a labor of love.

The creativity and talent of the students at this school are to be commended and we love being able to help find the sculptures a new home. They went to buyers from several states including Florida, California, and New York, with a few people buying more than one. 

These auctions are always entertaining and I can’t wait to see what they post next!