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My Favorite Auction

I began my career at GovDeals on Halloween in 2006. Over the course of the past 16 years, I have seen tens of thousands of unique auctions sold on GovDeals, and I have bookmarked hundreds of my favorites or unique items. I love having these to share whenever we need a great example.

About 6 years ago, I was partnering with our Oregon account manager to train a new Seller and he mentioned our ability to sell anything. Our Seller immediately asked if we have ever sold a Tank (as in a military tank). I smiled and walked him through the sold asset search and pulled up a tank that we had sold a couple months earlier. I had made him a believer in the power of GovDeals with just a few clicks.

For many years, as both an Account Manager (AM) and the leader of our Account Manager team, I have seen and heard about each AM’s favorite auctions and the stories behind them. Each has history and is meaningful not only the AM but also to the client who sold it. Most of them are not high dollar or flashy items. Most of them are just simple or unique items that made a big impression.

I am happy to kick off a new series of posts on GovDeals called “My Favorite Auction”. Each month, we will highlight a favorite auction of one our employees. I hope that you enjoy the journey through some of GovDeals history.

My favorite auction is a 1987 Chevrolet Pickup Truck sold by Cleveland County Schools in North Carolina.

While it sold for only $508 back in 2007, it made a lasting impact across the Mid Atlantic territory of GovDeals. I would hear from potential sellers how their “stuff” was not good enough to put on GovDeals. With a couple of clicks, I would ask “is it worse than this?” and the answer was almost always no. If we could sell that for $500, we could sell anything. My sellers took this one to heart. GovDeals could help them find buyers for everything. This truck helped GovDeals become the #1 seller of government surplus property across the east coast. It is amazing what one auction can do.

-  Scott Starcher