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New Ways to Find the Same Great Surplus with our Enhanced Advanced Search Feature

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates to our advanced search feature! At GovDeals we’re committed to improving your experience and helping you find the assets you’re looking for with ease. Let’s dive into the details:

Left Navigation Filter Options

You can now filter your search results! By using the left navigation panel, you can further narrow your search down by location, price, auction type, seller, or other. This enhancement provides greater flexibility resulting in a more enjoyable and efficient search experience.

Refined Timing Filter

Our timing filter has undergone a makeover. We’ve added new date range selections and updated our date picker. Now, when you select a timing option, only applicable dates based on your filter criteria will display. For example, when searching for sold assets, no future dates will show as an option to select. If an invalid date is selected, you will see a message advising you to change your dates.

Expanded Sold Options

We've also expanded the options available from the “Sold” filter. In addition to the standard date range, you can now filter by a custom date or choose one of the several new options like today, last 7 days, month to date or other. You can even select a custom date range! 

⁠Search Specific Vehicles

The vehicle search feature remains the simplest and most efficient way to find active vehicle listings on our site. Just select from a list of available make, model, and year to find your next purchase. 

Find Assets Near You 

Simply select between Country/State Location Search and Within a Distance Search to filter auctions based on their physical location

Country/State Location Search

  1. Select a country, GovDeals has auctions in the US and Canada.
  2. Choose your state or province
  3. Select Search

Within a Distance Search

  1. Select Within
    a. **You can select display map to see an aerial view of the distance from your zip code to the listed assets.
  2. Input a numeric distance 
    b. ex. 250
  3. Choose a measurement, either miles or kilometers
  4. Type in Your Zip code
  5. Select Search

Price as a Type-In Field

We’ve also revamped the price search parameters. Instead of selecting from predefined ranges, you can now type in the exact price you’re interested in. So if you're working with a budget you can easily filter your selections by specific dollar amounts!

Improved Page Visibility

Finally, to enhance the overall viewing experience, we’ve added divider lines between selections on the search results page. These subtle visual cues make it easier to distinguish between different sections so you can focus on what matters most.

Tip: Smart Category and Seller Fields

Navigating through long lists can be tedious. Don’t forget that the Category and Seller fields are type-ahead input fields. As you start typing, the system will intelligently suggest relevant categories and seller names. No more endless scrolling—just efficient searching!


 **REMINDER** Any search you populate from Advanced Search can be saved and accessed whenever you visit GovDeals. Learn more about our new Saved Search feature.

We hope these enhancements make your buying journey smoother and more enjoyable. As always, we value your feedback, so feel free to explore the new features and share your thoughts with us. Happy searching!