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Advanced Search - New Ways to Find the Same Great Surplus

Finding assets on Beta GovDeals is easier than ever! Learn about the many exciting ways to find the same great surplus you love!

Location, Classic, Advanced, and Vehicle search have all been revamped and consolidated to help you to find the surplus you need more accurately. You can choose to filter your search preference by Timing, Keyword, Category, Vehicle, Price, Location, or even the Seller to see specific auctions.


The timing selection allows you to choose between a various set timing of auctions. You can filter your auctions by what’s currently at auction, auctions closing soon, newly listed, and sold. While filtering through the other available search options, the At Auction timing will serve as the default. 

The second selection allows you to filter auctions by a specified date. You can filter by the End, Start, or Sold Date.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more


Keyword search offers you the option to search by a set of keywords or a topic of your choosing.

  1. Choose what you want to search for; this will be your keyword.
  2. Modify your search.
    1. You can choose to search by ‘all words, any order.’ This will refine your search to show results containing your keywords in any order they might appear.
    2. Another option is to search by ‘all words, exact order.’ This will show search results containing your keywords in the exact order that you wrote them.
    3. The final way to modify your keyword search is by choosing the ‘any word, any order,’ option. This search will show auctions containing your keywords in any category or any order they might appear.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more


We’ve made it easier for you to narrow down your favorite auctions by their category/subcategory! To filter auctions by category: 

  1. Scroll down and select the first dropdown box under “Category” to browse and select a category in its entirety.
  2. For more specific searches, use the second drop down box to select from all applicable subcategories within the main category.
  3. Select search

Watch this YouTube video to learn more


Our Vehicle search allows you to search through all motor vehicle auctions. To do this, simply:

  1. Scroll down to Vehicle
  2. Select from a list of available Make, Model and Year
  3. Select Search

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 Working within a budget? Our Price Search can filter your selections by specific dollar amounts!


Finding assets near a select location is now easier than ever!

You can select between: Country/State Location Search and Within a Distance Search to filter auctions based off their physical location

Country/State Location Search

  1. Select a country, GovDeals has auctions in the US and Canada.
  2. Choose your state or province
  3. Select search

Within a Distance Search

  1. Select Within
    a. **You can select display map to see an aerial view of the distance from your zip code to the listed assets.
  2. Input a numeric distance 
    b. ex. 250
  3. Choose a measurement, either miles or kilometers
  4. Type in Your Zip code
  5. Select search

Watch this YouTube video to learn more


This search option allows you to filter assets by a specific seller. Simply begin to type or scroll through the available seller names on the dropdown under Seller. Then click on the seller you would like to see (you can only select one seller at a time) and select search.

All available auctions from that seller will populate. 

Sort By

This allows you to choose how you would like your items sorted. You can choose between Current Bid – Highest to Lowest, Current Bid – Lowest to Highest, Closing Soon, and Location.


 **Bonus Tip – Any search you populate from Advanced Search can be saved and accessed whenever you visit GovDeals. Learn more about our new Saved Search feature.


Watch our YouTube tutorials on GovDeals New Advanced Search